Quality Assurance

Quality Administration

Our quality system improves the consistency of output by maintaining, auditing and improving well documented procedures including the following:

• Configuration Management
• Reliability, maintainability and safety
• Approval and review of subcontractor performance
• Verification of purchased product
• Product identification throughout the product’s life cycle
• Product documentation
• Control of production process changes
• Control of production equipment, tools and NC programs
• Control of work performed outside – Supply Chain Management
• Special processes
• Inspection and testing procedures
• Methods, resources and recording
• Corrective action
• Quarterly Internal Audits
• First article inspection
• Servicing, including collecting and analysing data, delivery, investigation and reporting and    control of technical documentation
• Review of disposition of non conforming product

These procedures streamline processes and reduce mistakes while improving product reliability. They provide for more operational efficiency, and ensure that defects are caught earlier and corrected at a lower cost. You have fewer nonconforming parts and less rework.

Quality Control Equipment

• (1) Brown & Sharp Global 7.10.7 CMM with PCDMIS software and Direct Cad Interface (DCI)
• (1) Scherr Tumico Optical Comparator with Quadra-Check 200 with Edgefinder
• (1) Jones & Lamson Optical Comparator with 32X magnification
• (3) 24” Mitutoyo Height Gages
• (1) 18” Mitutoyo Gage Master
• (2) 3’x4’ Micro-Flat Grade A Granite Surface Plates
• (1) 4’x6’ Mojave Grade A Granite Surface Plate
• (3) 1’x2’ Micro-Flat Grade A Surface Plates
• (1) Mitutoyo SJ-301 Surface Roughness Tester
• (1) Bausch & Lomb StereoZoom 30x Microscope
• (5) Mikrokator .00005 Drop Indicators with Stands
• (6) Arnold .0001 In-Process Grinding Gages
• (3) Sunnen Hone Gages with Setting Fixtures
• (2) Federal Dimensionair D-2500 Air Gages
• (1) Mitutoyo LSM-9506 Laser Scan Micrometer
• Snap Gages, Dial Bore Gages, Intramics, Calipers, Shallow Bore Gages
• Starrett Weber Master Gauge Blocks traceable to NIST standards
• Mitutoyo Master Gage Blocks traceable to NIST standards
• Assorted Mics, pins, and thread gages all traceable to NIST standards
• Gage Track Calibration Management Software

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